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The start of a new Chapter, or, my Kings of war Addiction.

Long have I been interested in 28mm mass fantasy battles.
However I’ve never had the drive to paint an army, there are many reasons for this;

I could’t afford it, I had no willing opponents, painting tones of the exact same mini is infuriatingly dull, GW changed the WFB rules and army lists to quickly for me to keep up with it in terms of painting and financially not to mention just how badly the game went down hill.

There is more but that’s all boring.

Kings of War has me invigorated and excited I’m churning units out like there is no tomorrow, well by my usual standard anyway. I was lucky to pick up a load of stuff at very reasonable prices from a friend of mine over a period where I could afford it and now It’s getting close to its début on the table.

I’ve been working on the centrepiece for my undead army a diorama multi based zombie legion, I’ll drop in pics of the process and some text about how I did it, please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

Thanks for looking.


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