A Protest.

good points well made

adalovelace x

When I graduated from my Master’s course last November, I was under no illusions about the job market. After my undergraduate course ended in 2012 I worked on what I liked to call a semi-freelance basis, which was basically a made up, fancy way of saying I signed on in between paid jobs. I took on a Master’s course after two years of voluntary work and short term contracts, finally figuring out what I wanted to do and swearing that I wouldn’t fall in to the same trap next time.

As it turns out, that’s only well and good when the situation is within your control.

A couple of weeks ago, I lost my job. Well, I say ‘lost’, as if there was something I’d done for it to disappear. What I should say is, it was taken from me. I’d been working in a bar since my dissertation term at university, and…

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