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a comment I made on another blog

To be honest (IMO) the main thing that attracts us to the shiny physical objects is all to do with the intrinsic value we place upon an object. Many of us are older gamers (well not kids) who didn’t necessarily grow up with computers capable of creating the fantastic in-depth worlds we now have access to through our consoles and pc’s.
So when I say value I don’t just mean cash, though that does have a lot to do with it, I’m talking about the aesthetic value some folk place upon the finely painted and displayed miniatures/scenery. Or even the emotional worth; as in “playing with our toys” but in an ordered fashion with rules, being able to in some way recreate the fun we had as kids just by lining them up and knocking them down with marbles. Then there is the issue of cash, if I’m handing over my hard earned for something then I want something I can hold onto or sell on if I no longer want it. I have in the 30 years of being a gamer bought, collected and sold on many games and miniatures, as I get board of one thing it helps fund the next. I, like most?, have several games on the go at any one time and some get played way more than others as they come and go with the favour of my gaming group.
The one thing that sticks out for me was Magic the Gathering, I love the game, but after having collected and sold my collections several times over, there was no way I was going to jump in on the virtual game, as the cards cost the same as the real ones but you didn’t get them to hold and use, they basically had no value to me.

Computer games are great, for what they are, but they lack that camaraderie of sitting around a table and having a shared experience in the flesh. I and my friends are Battlefield players, its an FPS, you die you spawn back in until one side or the other achieve the game winning criteria. It’s great fun but its far from what we do in a table top game. one of my favourite game types in an earlier FPS gave each player on a team one life each, it totally changes the way you play the game, unfortunately it’s not very popular as loads of folk end up getting board sitting about waiting for the next game to start. Again its still nothing like what we do on the table top, someone in an earlier comment mentioned playing games on a holographic projector or with AR glasses, I have to say I don’t think it would be anywhere near the same, that lack of something tangible the weight of the playing pieces in your hand. Dice is another side to that, again I’m more concerned with the feel of a dice than the look of it but when it comes to real dice V’s virtual I’m always going to have at the back of my mind a little niggle saying “It’s an algorithm its not as random as a real dice.”

I do believe there is a use for apps in the tabletop games world I just think they need to make sure they enhance the experience, I have an app in mind for the Game I’m trying to create but I don’t want to go into detail about that yet.

as a side note I love books but I cant read them in PDF format, I also think that PDF books should only cost a fraction of what their Physical brethren do, due to their lack of printing and shipping costs.

looking forward to Deadzone.

Gavin (Gofur) Hunter


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