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A new twist on my tail

I am, as usual, a little late in jumping on the band wagon, but Kickstarter has finally gone and gotten its jagged little claws into me. There have been many protects I’d like to have backed but have not had the funds to do so at the time, Zombeicide and the Reaper miniatures Bones range, just to name a couple.

well this game has peeked my interest, the mechanics are different and sound fun to play, the genre is one I like and the Miniatures are awesome. But for me the most important thing (being the skinflint broke bloke I am) its not breaking the bank to get behind this one.

So far I have pledged $65+$10 shipping, that’s about £50 and for that you get a playable force and the rules plus any stretch goals that they achieve. I am selling stuff on Ebay from my collection that I no longer want and am selling stuff for a friend to try and make sure I have the funds in my account when the time comes to stump up the readies. Also if i make enough monies I shall Up my Pledge to get the hardback book and get my name in it but that will be $120 or £80 and will require a bit more flogging of stuff.       

The project hit its funding goal in the early hours of today Monday the 4th of march, and has 33 days to go so we can hopefully get some nice stretch goals in in that time.

If you are of the Tabletop Gaming persuasion and love the horror genre I’d advise you to take a wee look at this one.    

Thanks for yer time see ya back soon.


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