Tuesday at G3 with an X-slave1


Well it started well for us, the rebels that is, turn one saw us setting up with our 4 X-wings, two Y-wings and an A-wing, facing off against Slave1, 6 Tie-fighters, two Tie-advanced, and a Tie-interceptor, we were about 25-30pts down against the might of the Imperial fleet.

With the four X-wings facing off directly ahead of slave One and the Interceptor and the Y-wings and A-wing as a body guard against Darth Vader and his three Tie’s we were open on the left flank to the other Tie-advanced and three tie squad.

But the dice were with us and we stayed on target. while Vader and his squad of nuggets spent the first few turns flying into asteroids and each other all of our forces were free to annihilate first the Tie-interceptor and then Slave1. Just as we flew into and past the Tie squad coming in on our open left flank.

Thankfully the dice did not abandon us and we took little to no damage beyond a few impacts on our shields. Just in the nick of time, Vader and his misfits managed to get there game together and join the fray, unfortunately for them the nick of time was that of time out and we had to pack up.

I would have loved to finish the game and I have no doubt that given more time things would have taken at least one swing if not more as to whom it looked like was going to win.

Until next time may the Dice be with you!



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