Chaos sorcerer

Games Workshop are responsible for this model of a Chaos sorcerer, I’m only responsible for the haphazard paint job.
I have to admit, I’m no good at doing pictures or patterns on large open swaths of cloth or flesh and all that kind of thing, so instead of making a mess by trying to be clever I just stick to what I know.
As always hope you like it…



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2 responses to “Chaos sorcerer

  1. gunzhard

    Nice Sorcerer! …I bought the same one on Ebay just waiting for it to arrive. Are you using this with Advanced Heroquest? …I saw the tag. We are loving AHQ here, I have a blog for it actually –

    Seems like you play regular HQ too haha – great great games; I’m glad to see that other people are still playing them.

    • gavinhunter

      I play advanced heroquest with components from basic heroquest. Also we use a lid of downloaded and home made advanced rules, it tends to be quite roleplay heavy as well. Thanks for the comment.

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