Terminators, and no John Conner in sight.

Well we did it, casualties where quite heavy (but not as heavy as I expected) but we fought our way past the Stealers and destroyed both target rooms.
Squad one, with the auto cannon getting on target first, but with only one shot left in the mag, hit the room and had to reload.
The flamer, after losing his Sargent and becoming exposed had no option but to cover his own advance using up his limited ammo just made it to the room in time.
The whole time however a bunch ghastly griblies were picking us off at the back of the pack in a war of attrition that I was surprised we. Managed to survive.
I’ve never won as terminators before!
My thanks to Gordo, for brining the game and playing the stealers, and to Mike for being in command of squad one.


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