a bit of flavor text about my Game

In the spirit of national game design month I’m going to get my game as close to finished as possible this month.
This is kind of a mission statement.

I’m not making this game to try and sell you a new line of miniatures, I’m putting this out there so you can use all the fantasy figures you own and those you are still to get for one all encompassing game.
This is not a game to hold back your imagination and cramp it with my own purple prose. This game is designed to allow you complete freedom on the creative side, and should even encourage creative adaptation of the rules.

Allow me if you will to expand a little on that.
Who in this day and age can afford to go out and buy an army or warband or whatever, every time a new game comes out. Why not take all the figures you have look at them and create a set of stats for them that can be used against any other person who has created a set of stats from the same points list.
If new models come out that you like you don’t have to buy a new game and a whole new set of miniatures just get the ones you like and add them in with everything else you own.

I have created rules as to how magic works so your wizard/mage/sorcerer, whatever you wish to call them, can cast spells, I have not added rules as to why magic exists (wait for my novels for my ideas on that) that is up to you and your players. Invent your own world take inspiration from wherever you want, do gods grant spells is it drawn from nature or from elemental plains. That flavour text should come from within your group and can be changed from game to game depending upon the story you are telling at the time.

This game will be able to be used as an RPG and a tabletop skirmish game.

If the fantasy game is well received I shall make a Sci-Fi version.

I hope I have your attention and you are intrigued enough to check back for updates.
Please share this with people you may think would be interested I am using this as a test meter to gauge demand.

Also feel free to leave questions in the comments section I’ll try to answer as much as is possible with out giving away spoilers.


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  1. I remember you talking about this – looking forward to seeing more about it!

    – Shazz

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