last exit from the underhive

Its a deep dark hole of a place, filled with scum and villains, the like of which You’ve never encountered, they’d shoot you just to see if you’re worth anything on the spare parts market.

Well I had my first excursion into GW’s underhive, and all I can say is Necromunda is brutal, I played two turns. My Delaque heavy took out one ratskin and dropped another, his gun jamming, all on the first go. One of my gangers took out someone from the other Delaque gang on the second turn. And so at the start of my third turn, having lost three gangers to enemy fire (one ganger having survived being shot and five strength six hits for a high fall only to bleed out in the recovery phase of turn two) I failed my rout test and was out.
Half my gang including my bounty hunter not even having fired a shot.

There are photos here of the awesome table set up by Mike with all his scenic bits.
And now I’m itching to get my gang painted!
I also need to find rules for the Ogryn.



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2 responses to “last exit from the underhive

  1. MadEddieH

    table looks brilliant – I loved Necromunda as well – many happy memories of the insanity of it at LQ

    • gavinhunter

      Aye, I never played it there I was always to busy with MTG. Its a good game, I still prefer Mordhiem me beinf a fantasy over Sci-fi gamer and all that, but its fun.
      When I’ve finished making the fantasy game I will be working on a Sci-fi vertion of it.

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