why do i do what i do?

As you may have noticed I have a tendency to paint miniatures. I only really throw myself into character models, the thought of painting repetitive rank and file fills me with dread.
I also like (believe it or not) restoring old badly painted minis to a usable state. I once fixed up a dozen or so chaos space marines that had over 8 layers of paint on them it was about 2-3mm thick, now they are rebuilt in better poses and primed ready to be repainted.
So, if you like my style of painting and have minis that need stripped and redone or just painted from the pack, feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll see what we can work out.
I won’t do loads at a time and I only do minis that inspire me.
Or if you have some things you don’t want anymore that you think I may be interested in restoring I’m always on the lookout for a bargain.
The reason I do all this is simple, I’m working on a game, at the moment, to put my collection of random minis to good use. Hopefully I’ll have it sorted and ready for open testing soon. Watch this space.


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