Taking a Bash at this bloging thing.

Ok, how to start this one? BANG, well, if it was good enough the universe it’s good enough for me.
I’m going to try, try very hard, not to go off on a rant, but I can’t promise I won’t. I am very passionate about this stuff, my lovely partner Nicki mocks me something rotten (in the nicest way) with the phrase “I’ve never met anyone else as religiously Atheist as you are.”
That’s a wee bit of flavour text there for you.
Moving swiftly along, Point one on my list.
Have you ever come across the phrase, “Teach people they are animals and they will behave like animals.”
Its a common one used by theist’s who don’t want people to be educated as to our biological origins. Well let’s break it down a bit shall we?
On a purely literal sense if people were to behave like animals the world would be in a far better ecological state than it is at the moment, we would only reproduce and expand to the level that our environment could sustain and the only pollutants we would produce would be our own effluent. War would not exist, yes territorial disputes would still happen but most species settle these in a non lethal manner. We are predators and very close to the top of the list so life would not be so bad.
Ok, ok I know that’s not what they mean when they say it.
But let’s look at it this way, teach people they are descended from a multi million year long evolutionary process and that when you die THAT’s IT! Game over end of story, every thing you have been, could be or ever will be stops right there.
Now who (in there right mind) is going to kill them self or someone else under those circumstances just because someone in your social group wants them to?
But open the door to an ever after, a happy hunting grounds, an elesian fields or a paradise of any particular flavour of choice and you open the way for people to be coerced and cajoled into any course of action you can convince them will get them one step closer to that place.
A slight aside, yes I know that the physical body is left over and that the atoms that make it up will be recycled by the universe and most probably some will end up as part of another living entity (insect, plant, animal). In fact some of the molecules you have shed in the course of your life have probably already been recycled in this way.
Back to the point, you get one shot at this don’t screw it up for your self or for anyone else! But the most important part is not screwing it up for others, we are allowed to make mistakes we are an imperfect animal, but they are your mistakes so own them and let others make their way as peacefully as possible.
If you don’t screw them they are less likely to screw you.
Thank you and good night, I’ll try to make another point soon.



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2 responses to “Taking a Bash at this bloging thing.

  1. MadEddieH

    Interesting blog. What you are basically saying is that there is no afterlife etc and as such we should do our best to not screw up our life or anyone elses – is that correct?

    The trouble with that position is that if there is no afterlife/deity/supreme goombah/Spaghetti monster etc and the only reality is the evolutionary drive then the default position is actually to screw everyone else over to ensure that your genes survive – this is the behaviour that sees pack members other than the alphas beat down upon, ants other than the queen sterile, prey munched up by predators all over the shop.

    When we strip out the purely human concepts of morals and ethics the world is a much nastier place.

    Good to see you blogging though – as long as you don’t start talking about cupcakes – leave that to better qualified bloggers 😉

    • gavinhunter

      We evolved, its a fact as irrefutable as pythagorus theorem, we can’t at this time rewined time and I don’t think we ever will be able to. We are moving forward from this point in time.
      We are a spieces that is able to think and reason, humanist morals are what we use to run our justice system not biblical ones.
      We will not back slide as more and more of the people of the world move away from the concept of god.
      People will continue to fall in love and mary/reproduce for that reason.
      Unfortunately there will always be douchbags willing to screw people over for personal gain but in the past as in the present fear of god/human justice didn’t stop them so why would that change.
      My whole point is that people still kill, torcher, harass and terrorise other people in the belief that it will help them or their victim get into heaven.

      On the other point I will leave the cake to those better suited than I to deal with.

      Thanks for the coment Eddie.

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