The intro

I’m here for a few reasons, the first and foremost of these is my book.

Well to be exact my first book.

You see I have this little issue, there is another universe and at the moment it’s kind of stuck inside my head. The only way to get it out is to get it on paper so other people can read about it and end up with it stuck in their heads. I reckon it will work like Medieval Transference once I have it stuck in other people’s minds it won’t take up as much space in here with me.

What I hope to do is post up short stories about places and people in the world (in which my first set of books are set) to give you a taste of how the place works and the sort of land it is.
I will probably rant and rave a wee bit too. I have in the past had a habit of going a bit APE when things get me really annoyed, and as I love a good debate, this happens a lot.

Though I have to say I am not irrational or particularly hot headed.

Welcome a long for the ride I hope you enjoy your time with us and please remember to take your luggage with you when you leave! We have no extra storage space as previously stated.



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2 responses to “The intro

  1. ‘I love a good debate’

    You? Never! hehehe

  2. gavinhunter

    yes i do!and i can prove it, *steps up to podium, clears throat* lets look at the evidence……..

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