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Great Expectations

What can you expect from the stories and blogs I may write; well I have a very dark imagination fuelled by my influences -(in no set order)  Michael Moorcock, Clive Barker, David Gemmell, H.P. Lovecraft, George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, Mark Millar and R.A Salvatore to name but a few

I also, as you would expect, draw on a lot of life experience, I have dealt with the fallout of quite a rough childhood (again something I’m not going to get into here and now) and the main way I coped with the issues I had was through escapist gaming.

At the start with the likes of AD&D, hang on lets give you my geek credentials in brief,

My first encounter with gaming of this sort was when I was eight(ish), my uncle introduced my brother and my self to 1st edition AD&D with a preliminary dungeon crawl. I loved it, even though  back then it seamed like a power trip on his part. I was a first level human fighter and my bro was a first level human barbarian, the second thing in the dungeon we encountered was a Remorhaz which bit my character almost clean in two. Looking back it probably was not a power trip, it may well have been to teach us that only fools rush in, I spent the rest of the adventure on my one remaining hit point, until we had finished or had to end due to our time being up.

From there I returned to a life without RPG’s (I had to make do with crossbows and catapults)   until I left my life in England and moved back to Scotland at age thirteen. I watched a few new friends from school play one session of MERP and I had to get back involved, unfortunately they had no space in their gaming group.

Lacking funds to go out and buy rule books to start my own game I set about creating a game system of my own, I called it ‘The Edge’ and we played it for about four years (during this time we also played Heroquest) . Then we moved on to TMNT, the Palladium RPG, Heros unlimited, Rifts, AD&D 2nd edition and Stombringer/Elrick.

It gets a bit silly if I go into any more detail, and believe me there is a lot more detail I could go into.

Suffice it to say I ended up taking my role-playing obsession to the logical next step – Larp most notably at the Gathering.


The other main influences I draw from are my interest in Science, I’m an atheist and as such I marvel at the beauty evolution has thrown up in our world and the universe beyond. The greatest educators of me (and in my opinion the greatest educators in general) in recent times have been – Prof Brian Cox, Sir David Attenbrough and Richard Dawkins  . I’m sure there are many more out there I just need more time to get to know their work.


Well I’m running out of time here and I have other things I need to be getting on with, I hope I didn’t irk you to much with my ramblings, well at least not enough to stop you coming back.  But it’s safe to assume that you’re not going to be reading about pink roofed white castles floating in the clouds and knights in shiny armour saving damsels from dragons, that was my point, I’m not going to give to much away here. Expect dark tales.


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The intro

I’m here for a few reasons, the first and foremost of these is my book.

Well to be exact my first book.

You see I have this little issue, there is another universe and at the moment it’s kind of stuck inside my head. The only way to get it out is to get it on paper so other people can read about it and end up with it stuck in their heads. I reckon it will work like Medieval Transference once I have it stuck in other people’s minds it won’t take up as much space in here with me.

What I hope to do is post up short stories about places and people in the world (in which my first set of books are set) to give you a taste of how the place works and the sort of land it is.
I will probably rant and rave a wee bit too. I have in the past had a habit of going a bit APE when things get me really annoyed, and as I love a good debate, this happens a lot.

Though I have to say I am not irrational or particularly hot headed.

Welcome a long for the ride I hope you enjoy your time with us and please remember to take your luggage with you when you leave! We have no extra storage space as previously stated.


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